Accredited Journals

Accredited journals are quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages. It is recommended that  researchers and academics publish in journals listed from one of the lists below in order to receive recognition for an article one has written.

Arts & Humanities Citation Index ¬Ѓ

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)

Science Citation Index ExpandedвДҐ

Social Sciences Citation Index ¬Ѓ

UZ Approved Journals

Social Studies

 Accredited Open Access Journals

OA journals are also included in the major indices such as Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Science Citation Index, Arts and Humanities Citation Index and International Bibliography of Social Sciences (IBSS). The quality of the journal determines whether it is listed or not (listing of accredited journals is not limited to subscription journals).

Predatory OA Publishers and Journals

The emergency of gold open-access model has given rise to a great number of new online publishers. Many of these publishers are corrupt and exist only to make money off the author processing charges that are billed to authors upon acceptance of their scientific manuscripts (Predatory OA Publishers). Open Access journals that are not associated with any publisher and charge processing fees for article processing are known as вАШPredatory OA JournalsвАЩ. It is strongly recommended that researchers, scientists, and academics avoid doing business with these predatory publishers and predatory OA Journals. The Lists of Predatory Publishers and Journals are maintained by Jeffrey Beall and are available at and respectively.